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Streamline your production workflow with the ProStudio workflow tool

ProStudio for workflow is our powerful workflow management tool designed for e-commerce studios. Built to enable streamlined collaboration throughout the entire creative process, the workflow module supports you in creating better content with fewer resources, resulting in a faster time-to-market, higher sales, and fewer returns. 

Product-Centric Production

Maximize efficiency with precise product information. ProStudio seamlessly integrates with any data type relevant to studio management, including seamless imports via Excel or our robust open APIs. Compatible with any master product information system, such as PIM, PLM, or ERP, ProStudio enhances workflow integration across platforms.

Dynamic Workflows

Elevate productivity while significantly reducing manual tasks. ProStudio’s innovative workflow tool automates the creation of a digital twin for your samples, standardizes appearances with digital style guides, and optimizes content creation through a product-centric methodology. This streamlined process allows your team to concentrate on creativity, ensuring an efficient and effective workflow.

Sample Management

Gain comprehensive control over your production process, from sample intake to asset readiness. With immediate check-ins upon sample arrival, ProStudio provides instant visibility into sample status for you and your team. Eliminate the inefficiency of searching for samples, ensuring smooth operation and tracking throughout the production lifecycle.

ProStudio Workflow

Real-Time Progress Updates

Empower your team with unparalleled transparency by synchronizing everyone on project progress in real time. With ProStudio, effortlessly manage and track products, samples, and assets from any location, enabling informed decision-making on the fly. Ensure your projects are delivered on schedule and within budget.
  • Accelerating time to market
  • Boosting sales conversion rates
  • Reducing returns

Asset Collaboration

Generate more assets for enhanced conversion rates and minimized returns. ProStudio’s workflow tool tailors asset production based on product value, allocating more resources to high-value products while optimizing for efficiency with lower-value items. Our intuitive guides and flexible setup simplify asset management, making it more effective and user-friendly.

Discover ProStudio

Welcome to a sneak peek of ProStudio’s latest innovation in photoshoot management. In this brief demonstration, we’ll guide you through our intuitive model scheduling feature, designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow. Watch as we show you how to effortlessly plan and assign models to your upcoming shoots, ensuring each product is captured with the right look and style. Discover the ease of streamlining your photoshoot process, all within ProStudio’s dynamic platform. Stay tuned to see how we’re transforming photo production planning, one shoot at a time.

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Fast and Easy Onboarding

Get started in 10 days

Implement our web-based workflow tool swiftly with minimal setup required, and kickstart your operations in under 10 working days. ProStudio’s dynamic tables, style guides, and status tracking are designed to fit seamlessly into most traditional workflows. Additionally, its customizable workflow settings make it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

Global Experience

ProStudio is a trusted partner for many of the world’s leading brands and retailers in the fashion industry. Our extensive global experience and expertise in efficiently managing e-commerce studios cater to both creativity and productivity-driven companies, making us a leader in the field.

Pricing & Plans Overview

Choose the plan that best suits your studio’s needs. From small creative teams to large e-commerce operations, we offer flexible pricing to ensure you get the most out of ProStudio Workflow. Contact us for a personalized quote and find out how we can tailor ProStudio Workflow to your business.

Seamless Integration & Versatile Performance

ProStudio Workflow is engineered for seamless compatibility, offering unparalleled integration with Profoto’s automated systems. Designed with versatility in mind, it stands strong as a standalone solution or in harmony with our modular solutions, adapting effortlessly to your unique studio setup. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing workflow, ProStudio Workflow is your partner in creative excellence.

By streamlining your workflow and optimizing asset management, ProStudio Workflow empowers you to transcend your current content creation capabilities. Embrace efficiency without compromising on creativity, and take your production to new heights with a system that understands and adapts to your needs.

Discover the synergy between ProStudio Workflow and Profoto’s automated studio solutions. Learn how our integrated approach can transform your studio’s productivity and output quality.

A tailor-made session with one of our experts

Experience our workflow tool and our e-commerce studio solutions firsthand and discover content creation the Profoto way. Our consultations give you a first glimpse of how Profoto e-commerce studio solutions enable you to efficiently produce high-quality visual content for your channels.