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ProStudio for workflow is our powerful workflow management tool designed for e-commerce studios.

Elevating studio efficiency: ProStudio's solution for next-level e-commerce creativity

In today’s competitive e-commerce market, studio managers grapple with the need to boost content production without sacrificing quality. The pressure to rapidly deliver diverse visuals is intense, leading to inefficient workflows and stifled creativity, which can hinder a studio’s market performance.

ProStudio offers a streamlined solution that automates and integrates key processes, enhancing production speed and quality. Its comprehensive tools reduce manual effort and errors, allowing studios to meet demanding timelines while maintaining high standards.

With ProStudio, studios gain control over creative settings and workflows, enabling quick adjustments and more creative output. This centralized management facilitates innovation, helping studios stay competitive by rapidly adapting to market trends and consumer preferences.

ProStudio Workflow for Brands

Discover the transformative power of ProStudio Workflow, a tailored solution crafted for brands seeking to elevate their e-commerce visual content. Engineered to streamline complex studio operations, ProStudio Workflow merges cutting-edge automation with seamless integration capabilities, ensuring that your creative output keeps pace with market demands while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Ideal for brands that want to optimize efficiency without compromising on creativity, ProStudio Workflow is your gateway to a more dynamic and efficient production environment.

ProStudio Workflow for Retailers

Elevate your retail operations with ProStudio Workflow, specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the retail sector. This comprehensive solution enhances your studio’s efficiency, enabling you to quickly produce high-quality, engaging content that captures consumer attention. From automated task management to seamless system integration, ProStudio Workflow streamlines your production process, helping you stay ahead in the fast-paced retail industry.

ProStudio Workflow for Service Providers

Transform your service offerings with ProStudio Workflow, a robust platform that empowers service providers to deliver exceptional value to their clients. Tailored to enhance operational efficiency, ProStudio Workflow automates the management of digital assets and optimizes project workflows, allowing you to focus on delivering superior service. Whether you’re dealing with high-volume shoots or complex creative projects, ProStudio Workflow equips you with the tools to exceed client expectations and grow your business.

Elevate your studio

Streamline workflow and boost creativity

ProStudio seamlessly integrates with Profoto’s industry-leading hardware, creating a fully connected studio environment that enhances creative output with remarkable speed and consistency. This integration allows studio managers and photographers to execute planned shoots with precision and creative excellence across every project. Renowned for its reliability and embraced by the world’s top studios, Profoto equips users with the tools needed for high-quality productions that are both consistent and innovative.

The software’s streamlined workflow and user-centric design are key to its effectiveness. ProStudio ensures a quick onboarding process and features an intuitive configuration that makes it accessible to users at all skill levels. This design prioritizes creative flexibility and ease of use, which in turn enhances transparency and efficiency across all stages of content creation. Studios benefit from a smoother workflow, which allows for an increase in both creative output and overall operational productivity.

ProStudio is also designed as a customer value-based solution, offering flexible and scalable modules that grow with your business. This adaptability means studios can start with the basics and expand functionality as their needs evolve, ensuring the platform is always perfectly suited to their current requirements. By optimizing operational efficiencies and reducing costs, ProStudio helps studios deliver content faster and within budget, giving them a distinct competitive advantage in the fast-paced world of e-commerce.


Seamless integration with Profoto hardware

ProStudio is fully integrated with Profoto’s renowned hardware, providing a connected studio environment that maximizes creative output with unmatched consistency and speed. Shoot what you plan with creative excellence and maintain control every time, everywhere, and for everyone involved. Trusted by the world’s leading studios and photographers, Profoto is synonymous with reliability and limitless creative possibilities.

Streamlined workflow and user-centric design

ProStudio offers a user-centric design that ensures rapid onboarding and intuitive configuration, making it accessible for all users regardless of their technical expertise. This streamlined workflow fosters creative flexibility and ease of use, enhancing transparency and operational efficiency throughout the content creation process. Studios can enjoy a smoother, more efficient workflow that allows for greater creative expression and output.

Customer value based solution

ProStudio’s flexible and simplified modular system allows studios to start small and scale as needed, adapting to changing business requirements without disruption. This approach significantly reduces operating costs by increasing transparency and efficiency, enabling faster content delivery within budget constraints. By providing a solution tailored specifically to the needs of e-commerce studio managers, ProStudio helps studios gain a competitive edge in a crowded market.


Elevate your product with precision photography

Product photography is more than just taking pictures and labeling them with product names. It starts with choosing the right products to photograph.

At ProStudio, we carefully plan each project with a Work Order to guarantee top-quality results. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Product selection: Choosing products to photograph that meet your needs
  • Style guides: Creating custom style guides for each product
  • Assign work: Using skilled experts for your project
  • Assign studio: Picking the best location for the shoot
  • Deadlines: Setting a clear schedule to finish on time

Think of the Work Order as your detailed shot-list that boosts every aspect of the photography process to deliver the best results for your products.

Sample Management

Manage sample check-in/out at studio locations

Before any production begins, it’s crucial to have your samples organized and ready in the studio. To ensure you’re working with the correct items, each sample must be verified upon arrival. ProStudio simplifies this essential step, integrating sample management seamlessly into your workflow:

  • Check-In: Log samples into the studio as they arrive, making tracking straightforward and reliable.
  • Location Setting: Assign each sample a specific location within the studio to maintain order and accessibility.
  • Sample Verification: Confirm that each sample is the correct one intended for the shoot, avoiding any mix-ups.
  • Product Tagging: Link each sample with its corresponding product details to keep everything organized.
  • Team Notification: Automatically inform relevant team members that the sample is prepared and ready for the production phase.

This structured approach ensures that every item photographed is exactly right, eliminating wasted time on incorrect samples. With ProStudio, matching each sample to its product isn’t just a detail—it’s a guarantee of accuracy and efficiency in your production workflow.


Creative control with the connected studio

To accelerate your production, it’s essential to precisely plan what to shoot and how before you begin. ProStudio enables you to enhance creativity and scale operations effectively. With our product-first approach and connected studio environment, you can streamline your entire capture process. Here’s what you can do:

  • Shoot list: Select specific products for photography
  • Presets: Control lighting settings centrally for each shoot
  • Style guides: Capture images according to precise style guides
  • Image upload: Automatically upload and assign images to products and views
  • Automated naming: Streamline the naming of assets
  • Verification: Easily ensure every product has the correct set of images

Our connected studio simplifies your production, optimizing resource allocation and making the process swift and straightforward. The integration of capture with workflow management provides the flexibility needed within the workflow boundaries, offering what we call Creative Control.


Streamline internal and external retouch

Post-production often requires varying resources depending on the task, whether it involves partnering with offshore teams or local specialists. With ProStudio, you can efficiently manage these needs:

  • Status changes: Assign full work orders to the post-production team
  • Tasks: Combine internal and external retouching jobs
  • External connection: Dispatch tasks to external service agencies using pre-built connectors
  • Version control: Automate status updates and maintain version control
  • Preview: Monitor the retouching workflow by its status

ProStudio allows you to seamlessly coordinate between offshore and local specialists, enabling you to control the entire process while tailoring partnerships for different assignments.


Effortlessly assign metadata to assets with ProStudio

Certainly! Here’s the text refocused to highlight the value for the customer:

Your asset management should be seamless from studio to publishing, minimizing manual intervention. This ensures that your assets are equipped with the correct metadata and properly named for consistency and accuracy. With ProStudio, you can:

  • API: Easily integrate with any publishing destination through the open API.
  • Webhooks: Automate asset distribution based on their current status, enhancing efficiency.
  • Metadata: Utilize automatic metadata assignment and asset renaming to maintain high standards of consistency and precision.

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