Create more value in your photo studio

More value means better conversion

Good information is essential when customers visit your website and look at your products. Good information can increase the conversion on your website and reduce the return rate.

However, in many cases this is still a highly manual process in the work with publishing products. Still, there are many ways to improve the content automatically. And, the photo studio sits on many of the answers.

What to look for

Traditionally we expect the studio to provide great images on products and that’s it. However, when we shoot a product we know much more, knowledge that could be vital in the webshop if we just give the studio an easy way to relay the information.

If we shoot a can of soup it may be good to know if it is a 250 ml can or a 5 l can. If we shoot several different images it might be good to sort them in the order that the webshop wants to display them. If there are specific characteristics on the image that we want to add, e.g. one image with a reflection and one without a reflection.

This is information that the studio will know when shooting the product and this could provide to the next link in the value chain. However, in most cases this would mean a lot of extra manual work for the studio and routines for the recipient to take handle further down the value chain, e.g. the studio summarises this in an excel spreadsheet and sends it to a person that manually adds this information to the webshop.

Example model photography

The studio’s main task is to visualise the product on a model by producing images and videos. In this process they will gather knowledge that often never leaves the studio flor. Here are four ares where this happens:

  1. Shop the look – What are the other products that the model wears? Can we easily add these to the primary image?
  2. Model information – How tall is the model?
  3. Size of the product – What size is the garment that the model wears?
  4. Image characteristics – Is it a cropped image? Is it he fromt or the back? Is it a detailed image?
  5. image sorting – Which image should come first and which should come last?
  6. Automate how to add images to a product
These are all characteristics and information elements that the studio, with the right tool, could easily add to the process.

ProStudio for workflow - a better way

With Asstflw we dynamically handle all the information on a number of different entities, e.g. product info, Model info, Style guides, and more

With the example above “model photography” we would simply configure ProStudio for workflow with the right information to add the relevant information automatically and without any extra burden on your studio staff:

  • When we import all the product information we add all the relevant metadata from the PIM and/or the PLM, the import can be automated using API’s
  • When we put the look together, we may add the related product to the main product using a barcode scanner and the EAN code on the garment?
    • This way we would make sure we have the right product to start with and all the related products are already attached. This should be done when preparing a photo shoot
  • We predefine all the relevant model information in our solution. When we plan the work order we my easily add Model information to the product or to a whole Work Order
  • As we have all the relevant information from the PIM/PLM we also have the size of the garment, we simply attach this information when exporting to the next link in the chain, e.g. PIM or DAM.
  • In the Style guide configuration we may set up any type of characteristics like crop, zoom, shadow, background, etc. Information that is automatically attached to the product when we define how to shoot it.
  • The Style guide can also define the sort order that we want use for each image


Development in this area is picking up speed and there are a number of ways to improve the value that the studio delivers. This may be done at the same time as we speed up the process. Why should the studio be stuck with home grown solution, excel spreadsheets and WeTransfer as their only support tool? With ProStudio for workflow we offer support for above functions and much more that may improve your over all studio value. If you want to know more about the, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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